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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cute Kid Story of the Day

I talked to my mom today, who just *had* to fill me in on the latest story from my four-year-old niece, Kaari.

Every Tuesday, Mom babysits for Kaari and her big brother, Nathan. During the day, when it's just Mom and Kaari, they often stop by their favorite haunts (like the dollar store or the thrift shops...or the bakery). This week, they were in one particular thrift shop, where Kaari came across a little ball of yarn. ("Really, it was just the ugliest ball of yarn," Mom told me.) Seeing it, Kaari's eyes lit up.

"We could get this for Auntie!" she told my mom. "We can give it to her for her birthday!"

So, of course, Mom bought the yarn. She swears it's hideous -- about a tennis-ball-sized ball of rose-pinkish wool. But she just had to get it because Kaari wanted to buy it for me.

I don't care how ugly it is. I love it already. And maybe I'll save my special ball of yarn for when I teach Kaari to knit.


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