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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One Row at a Time...

Last night, I had a few moments of quiet -- while I was doing a load of laundry, between the time that Paul went to bed, in preparation for his 6 a.m. meeting this morning, and the time when I turned on 8th and Ocean (I know...I can't help it -- my brother used to be an Irene Marie model, and the show just cracks me up). That gave me enough time to knit six whole rows on my shawl. Okay. I didn't finish six whole rows in that time. Actually, I had to carefully knit a couple more rows during commercial breaks, too. But I did, in fact, finish six more rows of my shawl last night. At this rate, I should have no problem being done in time for my little brother-in-law's wedding (which is wide open, since he's 21, and he's not dating anyone right now). My sister-in-law's wedding in June, however, is another story.

I will, however, most likely have several really cute felted bags in various color combinations by then...

Also last night, I stopped by the mailbox and got my new KnitPicks catalog. Since then, I've flipped through it three or four times. And by the time I get the next one, this one will be falling apart. I just love looking through the KnitPicks catalog. It makes me happy.

In other news, I officially live in the noisiest neighborhood on the planet. If it's not the neighbor kids (the ones that I can hear shrieking all the way down the street when they get off the bus), or the Noisy Neighbor with the Hearse and his Equally Noisy Son yelling at each other, or some other neighborhood vehicle (none of which appear to have mufflers, for some reason), it's something else. Today, the people two doors down are having what sounds like every tree in their yard cut down and turned into woodchips.

When we moved here, we had no idea that, on top of the mortgage bills, I'd have to spend an additional $400 a week at Starbucks just to be able to get some work done in peace...


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