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Friday, March 31, 2006

What's That Smell?

Last night, Paul came home, stood in the kitchen, and asked, "What does it smell like in here?"

"Fresh air?" I asked.

He continued to pull his nose up and sniff around. "Really...what's it smell like in here? Were you burning candles or something?"

"No, really. It's fresh air. I opened the slider this afternoon."

It really was fresh air that Paul was smelling -- that scent that, after the cold, closed-in winter months, is so unfamiliar. But yesterday was gorgeous. The sun was shining. It was over 70. The Shrieking Neighbor Kids were running around in shorts. It's spring! Yea!

To further prove the point, our first daffodil started opening up yesterday. The buds on the trees are opening up, too. And my allergies are starting to act up, but I don't even care.

Spring! Wheeeeeeeee!

I'm hoping that we'll be able to get outside a bit this weekend and soak in some sun -- so I'll stop looking like death.

But now...on to the knitting news.

On Wednesday, I finished my aunt's clutch:

Now I just need to felt it and ship it off to Florida. (And, in case you're wondering, I did this one in Wool of the Andes -- two skeins of Hollyberry and two skeins of Coal.

Yesterday was coffee day. Since we had our dyeing party two weeks ago, this was our first coffee day in four weeks. And I've pretty much been tied to my desk (okay...or my *other* desk at the coffee shop) ever since -- so it was nice to get out for a while. Julie brought her little one (who also brought her knitting) because she was on spring break this week -- but she didn't last long without getting bored. I can't blame her, really -- who wants to spend quality spring break time hanging out with a bunch of knitting ladies? So they didn't stick around long. After that, it was just me and Chandra. She's working on an adorable short-sleeve cardi for her MIL -- the same one that the Sock Princess is making. And I'm jealous. I really do think I need one for myself.

Meanwhile, I started up another baby sweater. This one is out of Simply Soft -- in blue, with purple edging. I figure I can do the next one in purple with blue edging. That way, if any of my friends decide to have twins, I'll be all set. (Please, no one have twins, okay?)

Of course, I was so busy yapping with Chandra about pregnant friends that I wasn't paying attention -- and I ended up knitting about five rows too many. So I had to take it all out again. Grrr...! I did, however, get a little caught up last night. I took a picture, too, but Blogger has decided that you don't really want to see it. So never mind.

I noticed that Hobby Lobby has all of their baby yarn on sale this week. Really. And I am trying *so hard* not to go. It's using all the willpower I have. But I have a feeling that I may end up there before the sale ends tomorrow. I'm just not that strong -- and I have a lot of pregnant friends.


Blogger Sourire11 said...

Your bag is really cute! I have yet to felt with Wool of the Andes… but I just bought a ton of Patons Classic Merino because it was on sale. I have no will power when it comes to yarn sales!

I have (once again) become distracted from the Adamas shawl, too… I’m randomly knitting baby hats now – somehow they seem more springy than the shawl does…

I’m going to put all of the screens on my windows tonight – hopefully my house will be filled with the smell of spring, too! Yeah Spring!!!

1:08 PM

Anonymous SP said...

Sure you're not going to Hobby Lobby! I'll see you there.

1:57 PM

Anonymous Mitten Maven said...

The Mitten Maven is making the sweater instead of the Sock Princess. Right now I'm playing with the sleeves (making them longer to fit my extra long arms!)

9:47 PM


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