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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stitch happens!

Due to our messed-up work schedule this week, I worked yesterday. As soon as I got out, I headed north to Delaware (the city -- not the state) to knit with the Delaware girls. And it was wonderful. I got myself an iced coffee (decaf) and a giant cookie (dinner) at the Mean Bean before heading to their upstairs room, where the girls had already gotten started. There were about nine of us -- three of whom I already knew from the store. Although I had planned to bring my "illegal" projects (i.e. projects made from yarn not purchased at The Store), I worked on a somewhat-legal project (i.e. my poncho made from yarn that I purchased at TNNA, while on Official Store Business). With all that gabbin', I hardly noticed how much knitting I got done -- but I did. I'd say I'm over a third of the way done. I'll have that puppy finished in no time.

The Stitch Happens group meets every other Wednesday, which Paul figures is perfect timing, really. He's planning to start playing hockey again this fall -- and he wants to join the Wednesday league. Or, as he told me, one week I can knit, the other week I can come and watch him play. Sounds fair to me. :)


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