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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rant about Knazis

Working in a yarn store, I get to see all kinds of knitters. There are the artsy ones, the sweet little old ladies, the social ones...and the Knitting Knazis. They're the ones who take the fun out of knitting. They're the ones who tell you that you're working with the wrong needles -- or that you hold your needles wrong -- or that you should never, ever tie a knot in your knitting. They're the ones who see themselves as the Ultimate Knitter -- and everyone else as the happy student who has everything to learn. These people drive me crazy. In fact, they're the reason why you'll rarely see me picking up needles in the store -- because I'm afraid that if they peer over my shoulder and tell me that my technique is totally wrong, I'll lose it (and that probably wouldn't be good for business). If you ask me, knitting is supposed to be fun. It's a hobby. I like playing with my knitting. And if it doesn't always come out perfectly, that's okay. I knit for the sake of knitting -- not for the sake of being the best knitter in the world. And I don't care if I'm not doing it in the Standard Accepted Way of Correct Knitting. I do it my way, and I like my way, thank you very much. And if I want your advice, I'll ask you for it.

This became even more frustrating yesterday. A couple of women came in in the afternoon and took over the entire front of the store. At 2:30, it was time for my afternoon kids' camp to start -- the first afternoon camp ever. The first camper showed up ready to knit -- but she needed a little help. She knew what she was doing, but she had a hard time casting on. She had learned one way before, but she'd had a hard time with it, so she came into the store, and Sallie (my boss) showed her an easier way. She demonstrated a bit, and I helped her cast on in a way that she could do by herself without a problem. One of the women (whom I'd had to shove over a bit just so I could sit next to the poor girl) looked over and said, "How are you casting on? Oh, you can't do it that way -- your knitting will end up looking all wrong." Her friend looked over and added, "Oh, you're doing it that way? No...that's totally wrong. Don't do that."

The poor girl was terrified. These horrible women (one of whom was a middle school teacher and should definitely know better) almost made her put down her knitting and never do it again. I, on the other hand, was proud of her for learning -- and for showing up to hang out with other knitters.

Shame on the Knazis. And thank goodness for those who encourage instead of knit-pick. If it weren't for them, knitting truly would be dead.


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