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Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's almost vacation time again...

Next week is my birthday. In fact, it's a week from today. And I'm not even going to say how old I'm going to be because it still makes me panicky. Let's just say it ends in 0. That's it.

Anyway...since Paul turns that same age with the 0 three days after I do, we're taking the weekend off and getting away for a few days to the Smoky Mountains. (I can't wait!!)

But, of course, you know how it goes with me and vacations. I have two problems pre-vacation:

1) There's always a project (or two...maybe three) that I want to finish in time for the trip. This time, it's my poncho, which is totally knit, but I have to block it and sew it together. It's all asymmetrical and cool, and I kinda like it. The other one is the One Skein Wonder, which I just started last night when I went along with Paul to scope out hockey teams for the fall league. I foresee many an hour sitting at the hockey rink, keeping my hands warm by knitting.

2) I have to figure out which projects to take along. So far, it's my second sock, a dishcloth or two, a belt, a new capelet for me (in either orange or off-white -- haven't decided yet). I also need to start planning for something cool and lime green to go with the dress I just bought for a wedding in September.

3) I need to find yarn stores. Fortunately, I work in a yarn store, where the bosses own a little thing called the Store Finder. Jan has graciously agreed to bring her copy in, so I can find stores in Tennessee.


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