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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I like to think of it as missionary work...

Saturday was Kids' Day at the store again. It isn't really the event that I originally suggested, but what the heck. On Saturday, we had three new kids come in to learn to knit. Two of them succeeded. The other was a four-year-old with a two-second attention span. Oh well...you can't win 'em all. But it was a fun (if hectic) day, and I definitely deserved a good stiff drink after it was over.

On Monday, after just one day off, I came back to the store for Kids' Summer Camp. The first ones showed up for my morning group (kids up to 11) at 10:30, and the last one left at 1. I was just about to sit down and grab something to eat when my first afternoon camper (ages 12 and up) showed up. And that was it until I left at 6. Four in the morning, two in the afternoon -- 60 minutes total without kids. It was an absolutely exhausting day -- but the kids have fun, and they get some time to knit, so it's worth it. It's my very own missionary work. I'm spreading the joy.


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