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Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Already?

The weekend was wonderful -- there just wasn't enough of it.

On Friday, I did exactly what I planned to do: nothing. I let Paul pick up a movie from Blockbuster, and I got some work done on the shawl. When the movie was over, Paul asked me what I thought, and I replied, "You know what? It's Friday, and I don't care."

Saturday, however, posed a bit of a dilemma. The film festival shindig was just hours away, and I just didn't like anything in my closet. So I rushed out for an emergency shopping excursion, in an attempt to find something that would go with my Adamas (since my new shawl, currently known as The Fabulous Fireball Shawl, isn't done yet) and my Fab New Boots. Believe it or not, I managed to find something within my two-hour time limit. I also managed to find something that just happened to be 50% off. Woohoo!

The Saturday night shindig was a whole lot of fun. We started by watching one of the winning films. After that was the award ceremony, for which our pal, John, was the emcee. John managed to behave himself during the ceremony, and we were all very proud. Then, after that was done, we got to hang out and drink wine and munch on appetizers while screaming over top of the fabulously loud band (they were really quite good -- just very, very loud). The whole thing was held next to the art gallery, which was opened for the evening -- and that kept Paul happy. I think he probably could have lived without having to sit there while a gaggle of film critics debated Daniel Craig's impact on the James Bond franchise. But he's a pretty good-natured guy, that Paul. All in all, it was a wonderful evening. Mark shared a picture on his blog, but I'll add another one -- of me, Mark, and our tuxedoed friend, John. Don't we look fly for film critics?

As is often the case, it suddenly hit us yesterday that we had all kinds of stuff to do before the weekend ended -- so yesterday was a busy day. After all, for the next three days, I've got two screenings a day, plus writing time, plus general site management, plus the occasional bit of sleep. That doesn't leave a lot of time for laundry. So hopefully I'll be okay for a few days now.

Meanwhile, I did some knitting. Sleeve #1.2 is almost done -- just a few more inches. And it fits much better. And The Fabulous Fireball is just eight (!) repeats away from being done. It'll be done in no time.

Knitting is going to be on hold again this week, AKA The Week of Insanity. You know things are getting crazy when you start dreaming about reviewing movies. Wanna hear about the nightmare I had last night? I dreamed that I had to review a new Jessica Simpson movie -- and its straight-to-DVD sequel. I didn't wake up screaming, exactly, but I couldn't get back to sleep for a while after that. I mean, who would want to fall back to sleep, only to be faced with a Jessica Simpson trilogy?


Blogger Jennifer said...

you look fab, girl! glad u had a good time and hope the week of insanity doesn't drive u too crazy!

3:21 PM

Blogger Mark said...

Glad both of you were able to come and enjoyed the evening. I felt bad for Paul when we got on the Bond kick, but it did give him reason to check out the portraits of the Presidents done in packing tape in human hair.

8:34 AM

Blogger Ryan said...

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2:05 PM

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Anonymous block drains melbourne said...

I felt bad for Paul when we got on the Bond kick, but it did give him reason to check out the portraits of the Presidents done in packing tape in human hair.

4:32 AM

Anonymous aplusa.org.uk said...

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