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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I am in some serious denial here. That's why you haven't hear from me lately -- because I figure if I don't talk about it, it doesn't really exist. But it's time I stood up and faced the dark, upsetting truth: I have to frog my entire sleeve. The Obnoxious Pink Sweater was coming along so nicely. I had even experimented with a cute little bell sleeve. But then I realized that there was just no getting around it -- the sleeve was too tight. For some sweaters, it would be just the right size for a different sweater -- and that's exactly how I tried to prevent the frog. After all, I told myself, it's a nice sleeve. And it is a nice sleeve -- just not for this sweater. So frog I must.

In order to avoid the frog, I've spent the last several days focused on lace (or at least I have in the rare moments when I've actually had time to knit). I'm on my 49th repeat of 62, so I'm almost done. It's not going to be done in time for the shindig this weekend, I'm afraid, but it'll be close.

In girlie news, we had a huge group yesterday: seven girls. Two of them had never knit before, so I ended up teaching one of them. I knew I was in for trouble when I was introduced to Miss N, but I couldn't see her because she was hidden behind her mom's legs. But she actually did really well, despite the fact that she was pretty sure, after the first couple of stitches that knitting was hard.

Miss M returned this week, after claiming to be too tired to knit last week. This week, her sister, Miss S the Smaller, was home sick. She did, however, have her mom bring her list of suggested names for the group. More on that later. Miss M was joined by Miss S the Smaller's best friend, who is Miss M the Older. Then Miss A arrived with the ballot box. And Miss E, who hasn't been around since September, arrived. And Miss S the Big came, too, though she was pretty upset that Miss S the Smaller wasn't there. There was also another girl, who spent a large part of the group time in the back of the store, getting a lesson, so I can't say that I even remember her name. There were just too many little missies running around.

As for the vote, we still don't have a name -- because we decided that we couldn't do a final vote without Miss S the Smaller. We did, however, do a preliminary vote to narrow down our options. I can only imagine how next week's final vote will go. I'm sure there will be a great deal of filibustering and bickering and arguing. After all, I have quite a group of strong-willed little girlies, who will find any possible topic to argue about. So I'm sure this will be no different. Then Miss S the Big will announce (again) that she thinks that all of the names are stupid -- and that there's no point in having a name anyway. But she's just bitter that she could only come up with one name -- and no one voted for it but her. I'm not going to say exactly what it was, but let's just say that you wouldn't have voted for it, either.

Anyway...we have another week to fight over the possibilities. If you think of it next Monday between 4 and 6, please stop and observe a moment of silence for me.


Blogger Jennifer said...

so sorry to hear about the frogging...such a shame : (

and i'm cracking up over here w/ all the "miss" alphabets...can't wait to hear the name now!

8:20 PM

Blogger Mark said...

That's too bad. Is frogging best when done like removing a bandage: do it quickly to get the pain over with?

11:40 AM


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