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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Petronas Towers Skybridge

Paul waited in line for a half hour this morning to get us tickets to walk the Skybridge, a two-story bridge connecting the two Petronas Towers. On the 42nd floor, there's an employees-only level (which Paul and a couple of his colleagues managed to sneak themselves onto last time they were here). And on the 41st floor, there's a bridge that's open to those 800-1300 (reports vary) visitors who manage to get tickets each day. The tickets are free, but they're not easy to come by.

Our time slot was at 1:00. We got there a bit early and wandered around the visitors' center. Then we were ushered into a theater and given badges -- the people with red badges got to go first, and those of us with blue badges had to hang out and wait. After a few minutes, we all crammed into a little elevator and made our way up.

Unfortunately, today wasn't the best of days to be looking out over the city. It rained this morning (surprise!), and it was pretty hazy today, but it was cool anyway. You're only given about 10 minutes to wander around the bridge. That's it. But I still managed to snap 23 pictures. What the heck -- I've got a whole gig of storage space now. I can still take 1498 more pictures before we get home without having to worry about deleting anything. So here you go... pictures from the bridge (Jeanne: I tried to take some cool architectural pictures for you -- I may have to send you more later):


Anonymous Ruth said...

They are awesome pictures. Made me feel sick looking at the height of some of them. Thanks for sharing them.

5:50 AM

Blogger Ashley said...

Still looks pretty cool even with the rain.

8:42 AM

Blogger Jennifer said...

these are great - the one looking down over the city/park is on my desktop now - amazing!

11:10 AM

Blogger Sourire11 said...


Ok those pictures are awesome... even in the rain.

Thanks for sharing!!!!

2:55 PM


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