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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Giving in to peer pressure

Everybody's doing it, so I had to do it, too. I finally broke down and bought the pattern for the One Skein Wonder. To start, I made one out of one of my many skeins of Cotton Ease. I brought it to work to show it off last week, and Julie took a couple of pictures (then promptly bought the pattern and made one for herself). The top picture is of the front, in the middle of the store (I know...it's total yarn insanity...and that's only part of it), with Emily, Julie's daughter, who's one of my Morning Kids' Camp Knitters (Isn't she adorable? Just be sure to keep her away from the scissors... ;)). The bottom picture is of the back, with my horrendously long hair (which is desperately in need of a major cut -- know anyone good?) pulled out of the way...

The front...with one of my Knitting Girls... Posted by Picasa


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