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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Obviously, I'm Psychic

So tonight we get back from a nice dinner and a movie. Paul checks the phone and says, "Huh. My sister called."

"Ah. She's pregnant," I reply.

And, of course, I'm right. I mean, it doesn't really take a genius to figure it out, since (a) she confessed to me at the other sister's wedding in June (you know...the sister who's due in June) that they were going to start trying soon, and (b) Paul's sisters *never* call us. Never. Ever. And a + b = another new niece/nephew on the way in October.

Apparently, there's been a method to my baby-knitting madness lately. It's all the psychic pregnancy vibes.

But enough blogging for now. I've got more baby crap to knit.

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More Baby FOs

When I get something in my head, I don't mess around.

Last weekend, I dove into baby knitting like a madwoman. In fact, I had so many projects going that I wanted to start a new one at one point, and I realized that I was totally out of Denise cables (note to self: pick up that set of extra cables at the store this week...). Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I've got two sweaters on the needles that I haven't worked on lately -- just because I'm designing both, and I'm to the point where I need to try them on and do some figuring, and I really don't feel like it right now. So I had to finish a couple of projects early this week -- just so I could start a few new ones. So I finished a little something for Mom. And then I finished the gigantic navy blanket -- which looks absolutely lovely, but it isn't the least big photogenic, unfortunately. It's just too dark.

Then I finished a baby burp cloth -- pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. I made this one to match the bib I just finished:

I've already started a pink one, too -- because Deb is due in three weeks' time, and I want to be prepared.

Okay...now the coolest thing I whipped up this week -- the Shadow Bib:

Isn't it fun? I'm still working on perfecting the pattern -- and coming up with new patterns, too. If you have any design suggestions, let me know!

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Babies Galore

Today was the baby shower for little Orange Banana / Frodo Skywalker. That meant that yesterday, it was all about the babies. First, I had to run around and do all the last-minute errands -- you know, pick up a few last-minute add-on gifts like Velcro wrist rattley things. And then I had to get the gift bags and tissue paper and fancy curling ribbon.
Here we have the finished product:

Then, a strange thing happened: I actually became obsessed with knitting baby stuff. I know. Weird. So I started hunting for patterns and digging out cotton yarn in various shades. I even went to JoAnn's and bought more cotton and more cute baby buttons. Then I finished off a bib that I made this week:

Cute, huh? And so very simple. Here's the pattern. (Funny story -- last week, when Chandra and I went out for coffee, we were talking about knitting bibs, and I said I'd just found a pattern online, and we both, at the same time, pulled out a print-out of the same bib pattern. Great minds, I suppose.)

So then I started thinking about more baby projects. Like those little burp cloths from the Mason Dixon book, which I just got out of the library. And I started designing little bib patterns of my own (just wait until you see what I've got up my sleeve there...). And now I have a coffee table piled with balls of cotton baby yarn, just waiting to be turned into cute little baby gifts. I'd better get right to work -- because you never know when the novelty of this whole baby-knitting insanity will once again wear off, and I've got a whole slew of babies to knit for...


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