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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We Interrupt This Vacation...

I've only got one day of Malaysia recap to go, but I just had to interrupt for *Actual Knitting Content*.

First of all, I had to tell you what I got in the mail yesterday -- the 2007 Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar. I actually saw the calendar at JoAnn's over the weekend, and I pointed it out to Paul and said, "I wonder if my patterns are in there." A while back, I submitted a few patterns for the 2007 calendar. They emailed back to say thanks -- and to say that they might use them, or they might save some for next year. But that's the last I heard. So yesterday I got the calendar in the mail. No note, no nothing. But I assumed that it meant that somewhere in that box o' patterns was something by Yours Truly. So I ripped the package open and went through every single day. And there I was -- on August 23, September 25, and October 12. WOOHOO!

And, second, I present...a Finished Object. I started this baby sweater when we were at the cottage over Labor Day. I made the pattern up as I went -- and it turned out to be a little bigger than expected. But hey...babies grow. When we left for Malaysia, it was one of two sweaters that I left sitting at home with just one sleeve left to go (you'd think that I have Second Sleeve Syndrome or something). So when we got back, I picked it back up again and finished it. And here it is:

Since I finished this one, I've been working on the other sweater that was missing a sleeve. I should be able to finish it tonight -- pictures to come.

Yesterday, I got back to Knitting with the Girlies. This week was a Very Special Episode of Knitting with the Girlies -- in an 80s After-School Special kind of way. This week, we welcomed one of the girlies into womanhood, which led to some pretty interesting discussions, let me tell you. But, to be perfectly honest, I was totally touched to be included in the discussions. I felt like One of the Girlies.

It was fun to be back, too. The girls were really excited to hear all of the stories about the monkeys. And I brought the finished Super Secret Mystery Project, which they were all *so totally excited* about. They all had to try it on. A couple of them looked really cute in it -- way better than I do, in fact -- so I told them I'd bring my camera next week to take pictures.


Blogger Sourire11 said...

cute sweater (of course!).... and congrats on having your patterns featured! That's awesome!

3:02 PM

Anonymous Ruth said...

Great baby jumper, do you have pattern details for it? Congratulations on getting your patterns featured in the calendar too.

10:06 AM


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